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Our Daily Rhythm 
Plan B: 90% Outdoors
When Merrimack County Hospital Admission Rate for COVID is High
(based on May 11, 2023 CDC guidance)

ARRIVAL Face masks are required indoors and outdoors during the gathering circle.  Adults accompany children into the school’s lobby to sign in and read the Message Board with your child.  Next you will support your child in putting on any necessary weather gear then help your child wash hands thoroughly in one of the Emerson Alley Bathrooms and then join the your child for the Welcome Song at our Gathering Circle just outside the school. 

GATHERING CIRCLE Children and their “Special Grown Up” join in singing our welcome song to all the children and teachers in the class.  Following the Welcome Song, Special Grown Ups will be invited to to say their good-byes and leave the circle by way of the school.  You are welcome to mingle/connect with other Special Grown-Ups in Emerson Alley or the Lobby.  This is also a good time to check in with Christina or Jen as you’re passing through. 

OUTDOOR PLAY   Our playground provides for choices of sand area, mud kitchen, balancing logs, stage, art experiences, big body play, loose parts play, books, as well as a bridge over a small stream and woods for observing and exploring with guidance and support from adults.

SNACK & MEETING TIME Snack time consists of toileting and hand washing, a snack, a story, and sometimes a short activity. It is an important time for conversation.  The ideas that emerge when children are relaxed and enjoying their food are wonderful expressions of their thoughts.  It is a time when children laugh together, share ideas, and listen to one another. These experiences build community and the strong relationships that extend to other parts of the classroom.  The Meeting Time is used to further reflect on the day's activities: we share stories of our day, and focus the children's thoughts on goals that activities were set up to achieve. We often discuss our ideas and feelings about other relevant things. 

TIME TO EXPLORE AND INVESTIGATE takes place on the Woodland Playground, the Green Space, on the Winant Trails, the forest just beyond the Woodland Playground or on a walking trip around the UU property and beyond.  Teachers may offer a guided experience introducing new materials or ideas, mindfulness, sit spots or other interesting experiences.  The guided experience is followed by ample time to dwell in what was presented and to continue the hard work of play and exploration in the outdoor environment.  Teachers plan for and vary the experiences to support the program goals and to stimulate continued interest.

CLOSING MEETING    Children and their teacher return to the Green Space for an opportunity to reflect on the day.  Children will have the opportunity to share their favorite part of the day, something they are grateful for and maybe ideas for the next time they are together again. 

DISMISSAL   It is important to arrive early to anticipate time for parking and the walk through the building to the playground and check in with the teacher with the clipboard. Pick up is expected promptly at 11:30 each day for the TTH Class and 12:30 for the MWF Class. Children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian when leaving the premises.  You (or your designated pick-up person) are responsible for your child's safety and whereabouts once contact has been made.  You are welcome to arrive five minutes early to join for a quick check in with teachers.  

Prior to 8:30

10 minutes or so...

45 minutes or so...

30 minutes or so...

1 hour

10 minutes or so...

11:30 for TTH

12:30 for MWF

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