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Our Daily Rhythm 
Plan A: 50% Outdoors, 50% Indoors

Before Designated Drop Off Time


1 hour or so...including transition 

indoors for TTH, Full hour for MWF.

20 minutes or so...

1 hour or so...

10 minutes or so...

15 minutes or so...



ARRIVAL Adults must accompany children into the school’s lobby to sign in and read the Message Board with your child.  Next you will support your child in putting on any necessary weather gear then help your child wash hands thoroughly in one of the Emerson Alley Bathrooms and then join the your child for the Welcome Song at our Gathering Circle in the Monkey Room.  


GATHERING CIRCLE Children and their “Special Grown Up” join in singing our welcome song to all the children and teachers in the class.  Following the Welcome Song, Special Grown Ups will be invited to to say their good-byes and leave the circle by way of the school.  You are welcome to mingle/connect with other Special Grown-Ups in Emerson Alley or the Lobby.  This is also a good time to check in with Christina or Jen as you’re passing through. 


OUTDOOR PLAY   Our playground provides for choices of sand area, mud kitchen, balancing logs, stage, art experiences, big body play, loose parts play, books, as well as a bridge over a small stream and woods for observing and exploring with guidance and support from adults.


SNACK & MEETING TIME At this time the small groups will enter the school building, remove outerwear, put on indoor shoes and have a snack.  Each small group will remain in one room:  The Monkey Room, the Middle Room or the Monet Room.  As they snack, they may discuss the experiences available for indoor exploration. The teacher may present a new material or activity, share a song or story, offer a mindfulness or music and movement experience depending the day’s dynamic. Part of the time is used to further reflect on the day's earlier activities.  We often discuss our ideas and feelings about other relevant things. 


TTIME TO EXPLORE AND INVESTIGATE  Choices during this time may be made from any or all of the following learning areas.  In the Middle Room: SENSORY TABLE, WATER TABLE, BLOCK CENTER, DRAMATIC PLAY, the LITTLE DESK and a BOOK NOOK, In the Monet Room: STUDIO ART, EASEL PAINTING, BEAUTIFUL STUFF/COLLAGE, “MUDWORKS”/CLAY, LIGHT TABLE, SCIENCE DISCOVERY & RESEARCH CENTER, MATH CENTER, DRAWING/WRITING CENTER. In the Monkey Room:   OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMALL GROUP WORK  Teachers plan for and vary the materials within the areas to support the program goals and to stimulate continued interest of the children. 


CLEAN-UP TIME & CLOSING MEETING    (A time is chosen which is a natural breaking point in the children's play). We sing our clean-up song together.  ... ♫ Time to clean up now, and put away our toys. ♫..  Children all help to put away the toys, sweep the floor, wipe tables, etc.  When the classroom is ready, children put on necessary outerwear and backpack.  Children who are finished may look at a book while they wait for their classmates.  A closing meeting is held for an opportunity to thank each friend for coming to school and to say goodbye.

OUTDOOR PLAY   Children return outdoors to play  briefly before their Special Grown Ups return.    

DISMISSAL   Parents/Guardians picking children up from school should arrive early enough to park and make their way out to the playground by 11:30 for the TTH class and by 12:30 for the MWF class.
When you arrive, do check in with the teacher with the clipboard.  She will note your arrival   on the clipboard.  You (or your designated pick-up person) are responsible for your child's safety and whereabouts once contact has been made.  Children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian when leaving the premises.

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